RAZUT Translators

The Razut Translator app is designed in the style of a marketplace, offering Translation Managers to choose Translators, that comply to the clients needs.

Besides that, the Translator app helps translators recieve more requests for their business. Clients also observe value in this application, thanks to the way a translation is brought to potential translators – choosing multiple options, you have the ability to prioritize delivery time and value.

Comparing prices was never this easy! After filling your translation details, a list of suggested translators is brought up relying on the chosen values. By filling the project, you can send invitations via e-mail to potential translators.

Making invoices was never this easy! As a Translation Manager and client owner, you can generate an invoice for multiple provided translations anytime you want!

Strong points

  • Time and cost savings when looking for a translator
  • Client nad Translator database management
  • Timetracking and keeping project deadlines
  • Invoicing system

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Development since

January 2022


Web application

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