The application named Bricks ‘n’ Clouds is developed bespoke for industries such as fuel, energy and chemical transport where the use of Hydrogen is pretty common.

And there is a common problem in this industry.. You see, the delivery of hydrogen might be problematic – leakage, high temperatures or other problems are quite common. And there is no place for mistakes in such use cases.

Certain problems can be detected prematurely with specialized sensors. This helps with delivery optimization. The Bricks ‘n’ Clouds app is able to connect with sensors via a custom API. Based on sensor fault codes, we create a gas alert with a description. These failures are then resolved by qualified technicians.

As this industry and problem is very dependent on time, we have designed then created this app to be scalable on all devices, including mobile. As seen on our pictures below, content shown in Bricks ‘n’ Clouds is found to be readable on a majority of devices and screen sizes, with text big enough to be easily readable by ealderly people too.

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